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Money Troubles

 One of the most contentious issues between adult children and parents is money.

Sometimes parents don’t approve of how children are spending their money.  Other times they are annoyed when children ask for a financial bailout.  Where’s the line between concern and control? In “Adult Children’s Finances Can Be Parents’ Business” Washington Post personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary notes that this question looms large especially during a recession when more and more children are asking for help.

Her answer:

Yes, I think the financial well-being of your children should always be your business, whether they are living with you or on their own.

 You’re Not Invited

 What happens when mom and dad show up on an adult child’s vacation?  That’s the question put to the New York Times Social Q’s columnist by a young woman reader.  The boyfriend’s parents keep coincidently turning up at the young couple’s vacation locations.  In “Meet the Parents, Again” the columnist advises, 

“So, you’ll have to assess lover boy’s prospects for ever breaking free — which are a function of his age and finances, past relationships and most important, whether mom and dad are tougher than you.”

 Everybody’s Fine…Maybe Not

 On a cinematic note, in a new film about intergeneration attitudes, Robert DeNiro plays a widowed father trying to reconnect with his four children, ranging from a successful executive to a Las Vegas dancer.  As he undertakes a cross-country journey to visit his brood, the father  “begins to realize how much his children left out in their idealized descriptions of their own lives to him,” according to Variety.  One can only assume he did not friend them on Facebook.  The film opens December 4.

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