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Gen U?

Different generations carry various nametags:  Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y.  In a Psychology Today blog, Lynn Taylor comes up with another term for Baby Boomers, calling them Gen U for “Unretired.”

 We have reached a critical mass in which Baby Boomers now say they do not plan to retire. Retirees are applying for jobs, either out of economic necessity or the realization that it’s not “greener” on the golf course or tennis court.

 She cites statistics:

  • 93% of the growth in the American labor market from now until 2016 will be from workers 55 and older
  •  20% of retirees now feel very confident they have enough money to live comfortably throughout their retirement, down from 41% in 2007.
  •  36% of those 56 or older are still working, twice as many as in 1984
  • 9.5 million Americans are considering at least a partial return to the workforce because of the economic downturn.

InterFaith Marriage and Going GaGa

Two recent articles in JWeekly.com raised issues of interest to many grandparents, not just those in the San Francisco Jewish community that the website covers.

The first article, “Circles,” looks at a program for grandparents who are concerned about  their grandchildren being raised in Jewish in interfaith marriages. 

Many of the grandparents are wary of interfering.   “If adult children make choices that aren’t the same as the grandparents’ choices, there’s some pain in that. So we work on processing those feelings within the group,” says Rabbi Melanie Aron who co-led a Circles group.

  “Here’s one group that’s going GaGa” looks at  the GaGA Sisterhood, a group for women who go “gaga” over their grandchildren yet realize there’s more than just cooing to be a good granny. 

 The role of the grandparent is way more complex than it used to be. It helps to talk to other grandparents about what we’re going through and to get advice and affirmation that we’re not alone in our feelings,” says the group’s founder Donne Davis

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