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Gen Y Mothers

As young mothers we faced the usual questions about work, childcare, professional parenting, how much a husband helps and on and on. Many of us made it up as we went along, sharing and commiserating with a few friends. Our daughters’ generation however has taken the mothering issues to a new level thanks to the Internet with endless sites to vent, comment, counter comment, and counter-counter comment. 

 The issues are the same but amplified so the sound in blasting: The good mother, the bad mother, the mother who loves her husband more than the kids, the mother who leaves her husband, the mother who works,  the mother who stays at home and becomes a Craft Master,  the Creative  Mother, the Professional mother. 

For a look at what your daughter’s generation is buzzing about read Sandra Tsing Loh’s  True Confessions column in The Atlantic online where she takes on “good mothering.”  Also check out the comments and counter comments at Politics Daily.

Then be happy that you have been there, done that.

 Keeping In Touch

Not all families can go over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house.  So how do grandparents keep close while hundreds of miles away? An article on “Five Fun Ways to Keep in Touch” suggests the usual phone and webcam and throws in a few new ideas.  Ask your grandchildren to send along some of their arts and craft projects so you can cover your refrigerator door once again.

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