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Can You Be Best Friends With Mom?

 In I am My Mom’s Best Friend Psychology Today blogger Jen Kim laments that she doesn’t want to be her mom’s best friend.  Kim already has a bf.   But her mom wants  to be best friends and calls three times a week to discuss serious subjects that are TMI.  Kim writes,

My mom is supposed to be my mom–take care of me when I need it, deposit cash in my account without ever thinking that I’ll pay her back, make chicken soup from scratch when I’m sick, you know–the mothering basics.

So what is this recent friendship business all about?

Grandpa Does More Than Babysit 

Long free of child-rearing responsibilities, some parents find themselves starting all over because their adult children are unwilling or unable to care for their own babies.  

 In Grandpa Does More than Babysit, New York Times Generation B columnist Michael Winerip considers this dilemma. He notes that, “According to Census data, 4.5 million children live in households headed by a grandparent. Seventy-one percent of those grandparents are under 60 and most are working.”

Giving Kids Financial Independence

In a Your Money, a blog by father-daughter financial planners, David C. Patterson and Erin Preston, looks at adult children as The Roadblock to Retirement You Didn’t Plan On – Part II.

The duo cite an  article by Dr. Arlene Gallo who recommends ways to help adult children become financially independent including limiting the financial aid, helping them start a business, and assisting in a career choice.   

Update Your Playlist

If you want to impress your children with your musical tastes, proving that your playlist is  not “ frozen in time” as blogger Ryan Ruppe puts it,  then check out his list of  Top Ten 2009 Albums to Play for Your Parents

Yes, the blog is aimed at your kids but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do a little reconnaissance. So you know what they’re up to read Ruppe’s wise advice on how to introduce the parents to Gen Y music:   

For best exposure, play these subtly in the background while driving with them or enjoying a meal. Don’t jump on your parents when they ask who it is. Give the name, and maybe mention them in conjunction to an artist on their Approved List.

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