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Lending a Financial Hand

 A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that more people said they were providing financial support for adult children than for other types of relatives. Almost 20 percent of those  polled were providing some support for children over the age of 21.

They’re Back!

Columnist Helen Anders shares in “A New Pecking Order”  how she’s coping after her 38-year-old son and his wife boomeranged back home. It’s been a big transition for her and her husband, empty-nesters for a decade. She writes:

And let me tell you something about that empty nest: After all those years of focusing on your kids’ needs, once they’re gone, you start concentrating on your own needs in a very big way.

Boomers Begin to Wonder: Are We Getting OLD?

Blogger Suzanne Ball knows not to wear puffy sweatshirts embroidered with cute kittens. But what about texting, not voice mail? And using a cell phone, not a watch,  to tell time? How do you  know “When You Are Really Getting Old?” she asks?

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