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Weekly Reader 1.18.10

Tug of war

What happens when competing grandparents start to keep a tally of visits?

 In “Parents’ demands for visit just result in guilt trip” Washington Post columnist Carolyn Hax suggests that when grandparents act like children they should be treated like children. Adult children should use simple rules: set up a schedule of visits, reward good behavior, discourage bad behavior and hold firm.

Grandparent as Nanny

 It seems that 2010-era grandparents are healthier, hipper and helping out more with childcare.  “The New Generation of Grandparents Stepping In and Providing Care” looks at how Baltimore grandparents are often filling gaps in babysitting for their adult children. Jodi Fishman, a local daycare director, says:  director of the Meyerhoff Early Childcare Center at the Park Heights Jewish Community Center.

“Right now, because of the recession, parents are calling upon their own parents more. Even if they can afford childcare, they can’t usually afford full-time childcare. So whether it is taking care of the grandchildren during the day or even just dropping off and picking them up …there is definitely an increase in grandparent participation.

The Car Keys…The Second Time Around

 Taking away the keys from an aging is harder than giving the teen the keys. “When to Ask Your Parents for the Keys” offers some useful tips including going with your parent on a drive, if you can handle it!


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