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Weekly Reader 2.1.10

The Dating Dilemma

Single parents face a sticky issue when it comes to dating: the negative reaction of their adult children.  In “Senior Dating—Dealing With Adult Children,” the folks at eHarmony offer some advice.  One suggestion: have a heart-to heart conversation with the “kids”:

 Tell them that the love of children and/or grandchildren can’t satisfy a person who needs love, romance, and companionship from a significant other. Help them understand that you’re more than their parent – you’re a person as well.

Dealing With Adult Children and Depression

Last week the brother of skater Nancy Kerrigan was charged with assault in connection with the death of her father.   Behind the headline was a problem all too often kept hidden by families: adult children with severe emotional issues.

 That struggle afflicts thousands of families, a Boston Globe article notes:

Many face daily questions, often without help, that force them to choose between the parental impulse to punish wrong deeds and their deepest obligations to care for and protect their children, no matter their age.

Sources cites for help include the Families for Depression Awareness and the classic work in the field,  “The Violent Home,’’ by Richard Gelles, dean of the School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania and the author o

Living With the Grandkids

Boomerang kids are on thing.  But what about those who move back with their own children? In “It’s different being a grandma when living with the little ones,” columnist Dorene Weinstein writes that she must resist the urge to tell her daughter how to raise the grandchildren.  It’s not that her daughter is doing anything so wrong, it just that grandma, having been there and done that, knows some shortcuts.  But Weinstein acknowledges that she must restrain herself :

 But in my haste to let her know the best or easiest way to handle something with the kids, I’m depriving her of developing her unique parenting library.

And that’s all part of parenting adult children.

Silly me. Why did I think it would get easier after they grew up?

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