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Weekly Reader 3.1.10

Who are Yuckies?

“Yuckies” (Young Unwitting Costly Kids),  also know as children 18-30, are expected to cost parents GBP30,000 ($45,600)  in terms of support, according to a report by a British bank.  The survey found  that 93 percent of parents were supporting Yuckies, with more than a quarter borrowing against their house to get additional funds for support.  Many parents predicted that the financial support will extend beyond the kids’ 30th birthday.

 Deciding who gets grandma’s “stuff”

We always knew that Mid-Westerners had more common sense that the average American.  This proves it: The Iowa State University Extension Service offers a class called, “Who gets grandma’s yellow pie plate?” to help relatives divy up belongings in a fair way.

Phyllis Zalenski, a family resource management program specialist for the Extension, noted that often belongings have more sentimental than monetary value:

“It’s based on memories and how you interacted with your family and that item in the past, so it’s difficult to divide up things that maybe had shared meanings.”

Grandparents 2B

That’s the Twitter “handle” of a babyboomer duo anticipating the birth of their first grandchild.  Of course, they now face the perplexing question of what to call themselves.  They took this as a welcome challenge, writing,

You now get to decide how you want to be perceived; how you want to be remembered.

So what did they come up with?  A very connected term: the iNana and iPop! 

Adult Children: The TV Show

 We must certainly be onto a trend here now that ABC has announced a pilot for a new comedy show called “Who Gets the Parents?”  The plot line revolves around a couple who, after 30 years of marriage, are getting a divorce and take on more active roles in the lives of their three adult children.

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