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Weekly Reader 3.15.10

Change, change, change

 In “Advice on Dealing with Changing Relationships,” several experts give suggestions for baby boomers on how to cope when the familiar becomes unfamiliar like when: 

  • The boss and co-workers all are younger than you
  • Your siblings have health problems
  • Your physician retired, and the new doc looks about 12
  • Neighbors refer to you as ‘the older couple down the block’

The changes can leave people feeling almost displaced, says Peter Martin, director of the gerontology program at Iowa State University:

“Some people are still older than you, but then you’re also looking at people who are younger. Some have called it the ‘Janus generation’ after the (mythological) god of Janus who had two faces looking both directions.”

Sex Education

We all lived though it in middle school but it appears that some young adults weren’t paying attention back in sex ed classes.  Six in ten pregnancies in women age 20-24 are unplanned, according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

In a startling report called ‘The Fog Zone,” the group found that there’s a huge gap between intention (not to become pregnant) and behavior (not using birth control). Many young, unmarried adults admitted they did not know how to properly use common contraception methods, and many had misconceptions on how pregnancy occurred.  Maybe it’s time to the have refresher “talk.”

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