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Weekly Reader 3.29.10

Boomerang Kids Are Suddenly News

More than a half dozen media outlets ran articles on adult children moving back home this past week.  A sampling:

In “Boomerang Kids: How to handle them returning to the nest” the Christian Science Monitor offered the usual advice about clarifying expectations, assigning  household chores, and  setting  a timetable for leaving, among other tips.

A good point: Start with mutual respect.

Parents: put yourself in your child’s shoes; this time in his life is traumatic. Being unemployed is tough for anyone’s self esteem, but moving back home can cause him to feel like a failure. Affirm him as a person even if his career track is in limbo.

Child: respect your parents. Yes, you are in a time of confusion but they are too. You are now a guest in their home. Don’t take it for granted.

The New York Times Motherlode blog noted that how parents react when a child comes home reflects their parenting philosophy:

Is this yet another way that parents are staying on the job too long, swooping in to rescue kids who really are old enough to go it alone? Or is this the best thing that could happen to families, bringing them back together rather than scattering them to the modern winds?

Among the tips offered in “Ground Rules for a Peaceful Home” by the U.S. Catholic.com, these directed at the kids:

Give each other some space and time alone. Privacy is important for both parties. Crowded conditions can lead to cranky housemates.

Choose your battles. If your parents want you to make your bed, just go ahead and do it. That’s not an issue that should take up energy.

An Ode to Grandparents

Detroit News blogger Larry Herren writes about the “pure and unconditional love” of grandparents.

 The older I get, the more I see the generations that came before me reflected in who I am. It’s more than a look, the color of my hair (or thanking God I still have hair!). It’s expressions, similar passions and values, traditions and beliefs and at the end of the day, it’s a love of family and deep rooted conviction to take care of them.

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