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Grandparents Need a New Image

Admit it: We baby boomers love becoming grandparents but we’re not so sure  about being called grandma or grandpa.  Indeed many grandparents have come up with alternates, everything from first names to nicknames like Bubbles, Mimi, and Dumpa.  Why?  Because we don’t want to sound old!

Baby boomers have managed to massage, change or throw away every other stereotype as we aged  from tweens to unretirement.  Now we need to banish the notion that grandparents are synonymous with old! We have strength in numbers, considering that one in four Americans is a grandparent.

Here’s some facts from Met Life and Grandparents.com that could help change the gray-haired image:

  • The average age an American becomes a grandparent today is 48
  • Grandparents spend $50 billion on grandchildren
  • They buy one of every four toys, four of every 10 children’s books
  • They go online to research products (83 percent) and to purchase products (70 percent).
  • Goldie Hawn is a grandparent as are Ringo and Paul and four Rolling Stones (but they do look old!)

So get out there with your bikes, basketballs, and baseballs and play with your grandkids to prove to those younger generations—and your friends—that grandparent does not mean old! And bring the Advil.

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