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Weekly Reader 4.5.10

Social Networking Rules

We all use email and many of us Facebook  (that’s a verb) and even Twitter. But some might not realize  that we leave an electronic trail that can turn to trouble if we’re not careful.  Some digital Do’s and Don’ts from blogger Lisa Mirza Gotts

  • Do remember that your “digital signature” will be posted on the Internet from the minute you use any kind of social media.
  • Do remember that deleted messages can be discoverable in a court of law. Just because you delete something doesn’t mean it won’t be seen later on.
  • Don’t pass on jokes or attachments. Viruses are much too commonplace and can ruin a friendship or a hard drive.
  • Don’t use capital letters except to highlight a positive word or statement.

Focus on the Golden Rule as it applies to social networking: Don’t ever put anything in writing that you don’t want to see on the cover of the New York Times, especially if you ever plan to run for political office.

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