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Weekly Reader 4.12.10

Questions about Health Care Insurance

Your child is about to graduate college and lose her health care insurance.  How does the new national law impact her?  A well-done q-and-a on that question and more in “Personal Finance: Keeping Adult Children on Your Insurance Policy.”
Grandparents and Autism

A diagnosis of autism impacts the whole family, including grandparents. Previously their role had not been considered.  In response to requests the Interactive Autism Network conducted a survey that drew responses from more than 2,600 grandparents.  Their conclusion:

Grandparents, too, cope with grief, search for answers, and try to define their role in this new situation. They may work hard to build a relationship with their affected grandchild and to support their adult child, the parent. Experiences are remarkably diverse, but one thing is clear: grandparents often play a major part and experience their own stresses and triumphs in these families.


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