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Weekly Reader 4.19.10

Russian Adoption

Watching your child become a parent can be filled with immense pride and joy, worry and complexity, especially when she’s a single parent of a toddler who spent his first two years in a bleak Russian orphanage.

For sending along this op-ed piece, Adoption: From Russia with Love, a hat-tip to Pearl Lerner Kane, a dear friend to the family and to me. Pearl recently took me for a visit with Toby and her beautiful little Nate; and like most adoptions, it really is a miracle–a tough little miracle.

The prologue to this touching tribute, of course, was the news about the Tennessee mother who “sent back” a  7-year-old Russian adoptee on a plane by himself. The epilogue is “Living in Russian Adoptive Limbo,” the story of a family’s dreams put on hold.

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