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Weekly Reader 4.26.10

Dating: You, Not the Kids

 If for whatever reason, you find yourself dating…again…how do you break the news to your adult children who are bound to have an emotional attachment to “mom and dad”?

In “How Boomers Can Handle Dating Dilemmas,” the writer suggests the boomers break it gently about the new romance, perhaps at a quiet dinner rather than at the annual family reunion.  Realize that there will be a period of adjustment where the adult children might not seem exactly thrilled:

“If your grown children express feelings of resentment or discomfort, try to get to what is underneath those feelings. They might not directly say something but instead act out. What is underneath is often simply feelings of grief and sadness like, “I just always wanted you and Mom to be together.”

Adult Autistic Children

In “Parenting an Adult Autistic Child,” author Lisa Shumaker writes about the patience, love  and emotional stamina required when her 23-year-old son comes home for the weekend from a residential community.  A the end of the piece she notes,

 “I dropped Matthew off the next morning at Camphill, feeling like I had just crossed the finish line of a triathlon.”

 Grandparent Scam

 There have been hundreds of reports of this scheme to extract money from unsuspecting grandparents.  Usually the grandparents are duped into thinking a grandchild—away at college, traveling halfway around the world—needs cash and now: please send $1,000, $2,000 via Western Union.  The doting grandparent obliges. But it’s not the absent-minded grandson who lost his luggage; it’s a scam artists posing as  grandchildren.

Apparently they pull off this stunt on a regular basis as this article from ABC News demonstrates. The scam has been going on for years and been featured on  national TV  and in magazines but a new generation of crooks  has been pulling it off over the last year  with an increasing number of grandparents.

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