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Mothers Mothering Mothers

 When our adult daughters become mothers the relationship often strengthens yet gets more complicated.  So much help to give; so much advice not to give!  Author Melinda Blau has teamed with her daughter, Jennifer Blau Martin, the mother of three sons, to write a new blog called MotherU

The “U” stand for the motherhood union: the one forged when a daughter becomes a mother and her mother becomes a grandmother and all that follows.  And we’ll be following Melinda on her blog!

Melinda is a “consequential stranger”  of mine: I first heard about her when I interviewed  the  co-author of her latest book and then met when she came to talk to my graduate class.  Now we follow each other online.   “Consequential Strangers” happens to be the title of her fascinating  book about the impact casual acquaintances have on our lives.  She is also the author of a dozen other books including some great gift books for new moms,  The Baby Whisperer series.

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