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Happy Father’s Day

We moms often like to claim the title of center of the universe when it comes to families.  Problems to be solved? Money? Love? Work? The Dog? The apartment upstairs?  It doesn’t matter. Want to get your belly button pierced?  Just don’t tell Dad.  We lend a sympathetic ear. Endlessly.  

Sound familiar? Intentionally or not sometimes it’s mothers (yes, us) who stand in the way of our adult children building a closer relationship with Dad.  Okay fathers have their issues too; some are not exactly empathetic.  Most would rather solve a problem than discuss for it hours.  But it’s Father’s Day, so let cut them some slack.

Perhaps a good Father’s Day present: the next time the phone rings and the caller ID is an adult child let dear Dad answer and talk awhile.  Happy Father’s Day!

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