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Weekly Reader 6.21.10

Bonding with Adult Children

It’s wonderful to take a relaxing family vacation together.  But what about  going off with your adult children on a “service trip”?

In Bonding 9000 Miles from Home, a mother recounted her trip with her adult daughter and two other moms and adult daughters to rural Kenya to help villagers.  It turns out that they helped themselves too:  

By the end of our three-and-a-half-week service trip that took us to remote outposts where we built schools, dispensed medicine, dug wells and worked long days in dry dusty fields, each relationship and individual had grown in immeasurable ways.

 Letting Go

Longtime women’s magazine editor Myrna Blyth wonders “When Will Our Chidren Ever Grow Up? She concludes:

 Does our closeness, besides keeping us perpetually anxious about them, also prevent them from really maturing? Now I wonder if the best way to express a mother’s love is saying to our adult children, no matter what is troubling them, “Honey, solve your own problems.”

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