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Weekly Reader 6.28.10

Put Down the Cell Phone

Last semester a student mentioned that her stepmother wouldn’t let her father drive the car with her baby stepsister because the father texted while driving.  Turns out his bad habit is shared by many other baby boomers.   

A new Pew survey found that adults are just as likely to text as their children aged 16-17.  The adults were worse when it came to talking and driving, with 61 percent admitting to the dangerous practice as compared to 43 percent of the teenagers.

The result of driving and using the cell:

Beyond driving, one in six (17%) cell-toting adults say they have been so distracted while talking or texting that they have physically bumped into another person or an object. That amounts to 14% of all American adults who have been so engrossed in talking, texting or otherwise using their cell phones that they bumped into something or someone.

A Guide for Parents of Adult Children with Disabilities

The Health Resource Center at George Washington University has put together a handbook to help parents as their children with disabilities enter college and the work world.

Gaining the knowledge and understanding of the civil rights laws, college systems, and adult support services will help make your child’s transition into adulthood smoother.Financial Quiz

 An blog for investors suggests sending a  five-question financial literacy quiz to your adult children to test their  basic knowledge about interest, stock and mortgage rates. It’s fast and fun, and you get your score immediately.

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