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Weekly Reader 7.26.10

Warning on lithium cell batteries

If swallowed, these tiny round batteries trigger a chemical reaction that can kill children.

Citing a medical journal  report, a New York Times health blog post  reported that the ingestion of lithium cell batteries can burn a hole in a child’s esophagus as severely as drain opener.

The batteries are found in talking books, musical cards, remote controls, watches, garbage door openers and in many toys and other devices. From the article:

In 60 percent of the cases involving children under age 6, the child has removed the battery from the electronic device. The problem is that most parents are not even aware when it happens, yet studies show the battery begins to cause severe damage within just two hours of ingestion

Give a Helping Hand to New Parents

How to be a great grandparent? By helping the new parents in myriad ways.  “The 10 things you don’t say to parents but should” offered several suggestions for being supportive of your adult children as they become parents themselves:

  • Please, let me do the dishes! Or the laundry! Or change the baby’s diaper, then make dinner! I’m here to help!
  • Don’t worry; you’re wonderful parents. We all make mistakes sometimes – as I know only too well.
  • I’m here if you need me.
  • All parents feel insecure sometimes …especially with their first child.
  • I promise to follow your rules … as much as humanly possible.
  • I support your decisions…If you want my opinion, I know you’ll ask for it. (You cannot repeat this often enough.)

Good advice for dealing with adult children

A few  common sense pointers for getting along with the kids were offered in “Parenting An Adult Child.” The tips include:

  • Remember – They Aren’t Five Years Old Anymore
  • Ask Questions But Avoid Grilling Them
  • Keep Your Mouth Shut And Listen

Create a welcome environment and let them spill it out rather than trying to force it from them.  They will seek your advice when they feel they need it, especially if they feel you’ll really listen to them.



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