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Weekly Reader 10.26.10

Advice for the not-retired 

It’s not your father’s AARP anymore, at least not on the web.  The organization  has launched a redesigned website that offers an array of interesting posts on a wide range of lifestyle topics from food to sex to parenting to (yes) work. 

A few recent posts of note:

Dealing with Boomerang Kids: Some more of the seemingly endless advice on how to deal with boomerang kids offers these tips:

Wait for the knock on the door. Don’t be so quick to suggest moving back home; a helping hand may be all that’s needed.

Have it your way: “Sure, an adult child can express an interest in doing things a certain way, but until he or she pays the mortgage, you get to make the rules.”

Offer empathy, not pity: It’s unhealthy for your child to make best friends with the couch. Encourage him or her to volunteer, do the grocery shopping, babysit younger siblings and socialize.

 Put your financial future first. Decide ahead of time how much money you want to contribute — and can afford to give — to bail your child out.

 Things You Got Right As a Parent  reminds us of two favorite sayings: “Go Outside and Play” and “This is Not a Democracy.”  Of course, the era  our kids were sent to play outside (just like pets they needed to run around to get rid of the excess energy) was before kids were electronically tethered to a laptop, a cell phone and Wii. Still good advice for them and us! Unplug!  And the dictatorship still holds, especially when they  boomerang back home.

 Mommy Wars Revisited ( a bit of self-promotion) looks back  at career decisions made by two moms including yours truly.

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