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Advice on How to Be an Aging Parent

Well,  that doesn’t really apply to any of us but in case you know anyone who is aging (!!!), pass along the tips from Mark Sherman, a psychologist and humor writer, with adult children children ranging in age from 31 to 47. Writing in a Psychology Today blog, Dr. Sherman offered some guidance for those of who find–shockingly–our adult children’s universe no longer revolves around us!  He writes:

  • Remember that your children are busy. They are not retired. They may have small children of their own. They love you very much, but they have no time for you.
  • Avoid the temptation to say, “You know, I won’t be around forever.” You may think this will get your adult children to think about spending more time with you, but it will probably get them thinking about what you may be leaving them in your will.
  • Yes, yes, I know, your kids are raising their kids all wrong. They are overly permissive or they are too restrictive, or they are helicopter parents, or they are letting their children – your grandchildren – do dangerous things, or they are holding them back too much. But …”Remember this: Zip your lip.”
  • That “zip your lip” line is an understatement when it comes to your child’s spouse or partner.
  • If you can afford it, sending money is always a good idea.

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