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What a son!

We received an invite to a most unusual birthday party last week. Journalist Allen Salkin, a long-time friend, celebrated his mother’s 70th birthday by mounting  a one-woman show in a Manhattan art gallery.

Toby Salkin now lives in southern California, where she paints “bold, flamboyant landscapes and poignant, reflective portraits” that are displayed in the “Faces and Houses” show at the 208 Gallery.

For her special birthday she wanted to return to the city where she was born and lived for 25 years. Allen was not content with simply throwing a party and arranged for hip Lower East Side  gallery to hold the show, complete with a gala opening.

Over the course of her life, Toby endured many hardships, Allen told the Local East Village, and he wanted to celebrate that at 70, “full of life still, she is finally fully basking in the thing she loves and starting to see some flickers of success.”

Happy Birthday, Toby, and sons take notes!

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