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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all. We hope you received flowers and cards, and lots of love, especially from the over-21 set! Thankfully the breakfast-in-bed days (all those crumbs) are over.

While Mother’s Day traditionally is a time for our children to acknowledge what paragons of parenting (!!) we have been, it’s also  the perfect time to say thank you to our children too.  When we look back over the past two or three decades we realize how much our lives have been enriched by our children.  Yes, most important, by whom they are as human beings, both growing up and now. Beyond that, there are so many things we all would have never experienced if we didn’t have children.

I started thinking about what my list included. My oldest two children are boys, and thanks to them I learned about space shuttles,  dinosaurs,  losing sports teams (Mets and Jets),  Hulk Hogan, youth sports including roller hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, football, Notre Dame football, the Marines, law school, Wall Street, and on and on.  Thanks to my daughter, American Girl dolls, Barbie dolls, Disney princesses, choral groups, musical theater, ballet, tap, jazz, lacrosse, Shakespeare plays,  girls’ weekends, authentic Italian food, designer clothes and accessories, and, of course, Harry Potter. And with them all, endless books and wonderful adventures.

We all can reel off our own lists of the places we’ve been literally and figuratively with our children. (I deliberately didn’t mention emergency rooms, orthopedists, principal’s offices, etc).  It’s been an incredible ride, with more to come. Our only regret is that it has gone by so fast. But time marches on, and we can’t stop it. The only thing we can do, as we noted in the past, is “Value the passing moment.”  Happy Mother’s Day!




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