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What Would You Save….

…if your house was about to be destroyed?  Unfortunately that was not a hypothetical question for the thousands of homeowners in New York and New Jersey as Super storm Sandy hit with full force.  Michael Winerip, the editor of an engaging new blog “Booming: Life in the Middle Ages,” confronted the daunting question of what to take and what to leave when the ocean waters started to flood the first floor of his  Long beach home.  He writes:

We started racing around in two feet of water, shouting at each other about what to save. You make split-second decisions, some driven by practicality, others by the heart.

Mr. Winerip gave a listed of what was saved and tossed, giving us pause to consider what we would grab among out memorabilia.  We know of several people in similar circumstances and it’s a heart-wrenching decision. Do you leave your wedding album but grab your mother’s cherished teapot? A partial list of what Mr. Winerip, the father of  four young adult children,  grabbed:

 Saved: my daughter’s photo I.D. for admission to the town pool from 10 years ago when she was 8, had braids and loved her Dad unconditionally.

Saved: the chipped cookie jar that had belonged to my mother and has not had one of her toll house cookies in it for a decade.

Saved: the family Christmas card when our four kids dressed up like South Park characters.

Saved: a letter from horseback riding camp my daughter Annie wrote when she was 10: Dear Parents, Today I fell off my horse. It didn’t hurt much. I want to come home.Please get to camp early on Saturday. Please write. I played capture the flag on horseback! I’m starting to hate my friends. Please come and pick me up. I miss you. I love you, Annie. P.S. are you going to Cape Cod? I miss you. P.S.S I’m crying.

We certainly can’t argue with any of those choices, especially the note from his daughter.

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