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The Answer Mom: <br>Moving In Together and Giving Praise

Dear Answer Mom: I”m having a continuous argument with my  19-year-old daughter, who wants to move out and move in with her boyfriend so they can live together rather than get married. I”m upset about this so  finally I said she should write to you and see what your opinion is so here”s her question:

Dear Answer Mom: Be honest. Don”t you think that living with someone is much more romantic than marriage? I”m having this argument about this with my mother because I”m going to do this and I think marriage just gets weighed down with things and living together is sexy and exciting and romantic! –Cindy

Dear Cindy:  Stop kidding yourself. First comes the sex – then comes the socks! Living online casino together is just marriage without strong commitment and without legal protection. You sound very immature so I think you should continue to live together-with your parents – until you can face things more realistically. Honest!

Dear Answer Mom: I have a strange problem with my son who”s 21 and just starting his first real job. Whenever I try to praise him for something he acts like he doesn”t believe ComeOn beste-norske-casinos.com har et system som skiller mellom dine ekte penger og eventuelle bonuspenger du har til radighet. me and thinks I”m just saying it to make him feel good. Is this because he doesn”t trust me? –His Mom

Dear His: He doesn”t trust himself and so he doesn”t trust anyone who says he”s good at something he”s not so sure he”s good at. Remind him that they hired him because they felt, saw and believed that he has the ability and potential to do a good job and he should relax and just do his best. Tell him sincerely that you”ve always believed in his ability. Smile and remind him that Mama knows best.

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