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Enjoying the endless delights of motherhood

url-1When my first child was born many moons ago I received a card inscribed with “Welcome to the world of sleepless nights and endless delights.”  As a new mother I assumed that those endless  nights would disappear once baby hit the six-month mark.  Little did I realize, as most parents of adult children will testify, that the “sleepless nights,” literally or figuratively, never really end. Even if our children are self-supporting, happy adults we still lose sleep with worries, from the mundane to the monumental. Not much we can do about that!

However, keep in mind that the other part of that saying—endless delights—is also true.  Many of the most heart-warming “delights” are often the simplest: a catch-up phone call, a text with a funny photo, a meal together, an afternoon at the beach or in a park, sharing a good read.  I had one of those moments this weekend when my daughter called, exhilarated and exhausted, after completing the 40-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Washington, D.C. Hearing her excited recap of the two-day event was as delightful as anything she did as a child.

I first met one of my colleagues when we were both pregnant with our daughters. Last week, we met for a drink, and reminisced about that initial meeting, 22 years ago and lamented how time goes in a flash.

Yes, we can’t stop time from marching on but we can make sure that we treasure those “endless delights,” even the everyday variety.  I pass along again the message I share every Mother’s Day on mothering21.com: that the best gift we can give ourselves is to “value the passing time.” That was the advice given by writer Roger Rosenblatt when was asked how he coped with the sudden death of his adult daughter:  “As far as I can tell this is how to live—value the passing time.”

Enjoy the day!


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