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Summer Reading Recommendation

Getway Mom coverGetaway Mom, a new  novel, follows the adventures–and misadventures–of two 40-something  sisters who trade places for the summer: Drey, a single West Coast business and Natalie, an East Coast  stay-at-home mom.

In a  review, Kathryn Sollomon,  who founded 9 Lives for Women, wrote:

In their main character [the authors] capture the frustrations, lack of confidence, fear and confusion women feel when they start to think about returning to work and the subsequent joy they feel when they realize they are still competent, intelligent individuals with much to contribute. A fun and insightful read for all women looking to rediscover themselves after many years caring for others.

The novel is written by Lori Lee, the pen name for Loretta Kaufman and Mary Quigley (yes!), who have written two non fiction books about women and work.  Much of the novel takes the form of email missives, and that’s how they wrote it, via email with Loretta in LA and Mary in NY.

For a limited time, the authors are offering the first three chapters free at the Getaway Mom website  read and enjoy!

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