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Texting Your Adult Child Too Much?

pacifier cell phoneDo you and your adult child text several times a day? If so, you better put down the phone, because you’re stifling their independence. Parental texting has been criticized as the modern-day equivalent of giving a toddler a pacifier. Ages ago, we baby boomer parents were thrilled to find a way to soothe squawking children. While some experts warned that those plastic plugs stifle emotional and verbal development, that didn’t stop us, and our kids turned out just fine. Not one is walking around with a pacifier.

Now, parents who text daily with their adult children face a similar criticism: We are keeping our emerging adults from becoming fully independent. A recent article, “Mom Stop Calling, I’ll Text You All Day,” quoted experts who cautioned against texting more than a few times a week. Apparently, young adults need to learn how to handle problems and disappointments without texting parents for on-demand advice. If they’re in college, we parents are supposedly preventing them from developing coping skills. (How much laundry detergent?) If they are employed, then we are keeping them from work when they iChat or Gchat with us. (My boss is sooo annoying.) continued at the Huffington Post 

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  • Ruth Nemzoff September 19, 2013, 7:25 pm

    It is not the number of texts which is problematic, rather the content. Instead of solving all your child’s problems help him or her come up with alternatives.

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