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We baby-boomers turned parenting into a profession, and the terms that describe our high-powered approach (“helicopter parents/soccer moms/hands-on dads”) are a mix of respect, amusement, admiration, condemnation.  Then, in a flash, the children weren’t children anymore…but we’re still parents. Now what? Where’s the line between being supportive, and suffocating?  Between connecting joyfully, and clinging?

 The answer: It’s complicated.  We’re aging and our offspring have come of age in a rapidly changing social landscape, making intergenerational relationships all the more precious and challenging.  Nobody wants those disputes and miscommunications that can strain–even sever–family ties. So how about a GPS for this new terrain?

Mothering21.com will help navigate “parenting” the over-21 set in the 21st century. (Let’s be honest; it’s primarily the mothers on the front lines.) This blog is the baby of author and journalist Mary W. Quigley, who also has two sons over 21 and a daughter hurtling towards that milestone. She and a diverse slate of contributing editors present news, views and advice on family matters ranging from the everyday to the life-changing.

 And YOU are a major voice in this online forum–so bring on the provocative questions and answers, experiences and opinions! It’s truly possible that in the coming decades with our kids and their kids, “the best is yet to be.” 

Helicopter moms and dads: fasten your seatbelts.

It’s going to be an exciting ride.

(Whoa. YOUR seatbelts – not theirs!)

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