Clutter-Free Gifts; Ideas For Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers

January 25, 2024

A parent's first concern and consideration when getting a gift for a child is the mess that it might create. This guide puts together the top clutter-free picks, perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Clutter-free Gift Ideas for Babies

  • Music Together, a class that begins with newborns, is one such activity for families to do together. At six weeks old, parents could take part in My-gym classes.
  • Establish an entirely new tradition. Being a parent, you get to decide how your child will celebrate the holidays. Pancakes and applesauce for breakfast? PJs all day? It's your choice - and you can write it down.
  • You can drop in on a baby-friendly playspace if you have a membership. National chains such as Little Gym and Gymboree offer a range of classes as well as open hours to members.
  • A massage class for infants. If you are not familiar with where you can find one, check with a local yoga studio, or maybe some lactation consultants could point you in the right direction.
  • Things you already have in your house. What's the best way to handle baby stocking stuffers? Use items you have lying around your house: wooden spoons, red plastic cups (for kegs), old wallets, or key chains.

Gifts for Toddlers That Are Clutter-Free

  • Membership for a local zoo. Depending on where Grandma and Papa live, your zoo may have reciprocal arrangements with another zoo.
  • Visit toy-lending libraries available (yes, they do exist!), or you can borrow some new toys from friends. There's no need to keep that Sit and Spin forever!
  • Swimming lessons. A weekly visit to the swimming pool can either be thrilling or terrifying for your child.
  • She can have her own wall or nook. You might consider wall decals to mark the area where your baby spends most of their time. Consider painting an accent wall in her room to brighten it up.
  • An exciting museum for children. One of our favorite museums is the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Other museums and zoos also reciprocate with some of these institutions. Be sure to take advantage of all the perks!

Gifts for Little Kids That Are Clutter-Free

  • The tickets for Baby Loves Disco or a concert.
  • Website subscription. You can play online games like Playhouse Disney without taking up space in your house.
  • A big trip. Would you like to spend some time at Disneyland, watch The Nutcracker, or participate in another big adventure? Mark it on the calendar with great fanfare. Get half-priced tickets to local events with Living Social and GoldStar.
  • Classes in music. If you have preschoolers, look for a class that focuses on rhythm and movement. There is no need for sheet music.
  • Tickets for rides at local destinations. At the zoo, ride the carousel or buy train tickets. Take a picture of the ride and attach the fake tickets (or the real ones).

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