Super Fun Baby Shower Games Your Guest Will Love!

, January 3, 2024

We're here to make sure you don't overlook a single detail when preparing the baby shower of the year! Baby shower games can keep your guests entertained for the duration of the party. These games are all extremely simple to put up and don't require an excessive amount of materials. Play as many or as few games as you desire, and don't forget to give the winners some great goodies!



In search of an ice-breaker, Play "Which Would She Choose?" Your guests have one thing in common: you know the expectant mother. These free game cards with beautiful eucalyptus leaves would be ideal for a baby shower with a greenery theme.


This is a terrific and entertaining game in which participants guess who said what. The future mother or father? Have the parents answer questions in advance, such as "I will be responsible for nighttime feedings," and then have your guests guess who said what.


These printables are quite amusing. Your guests must determine whether the image depicts a beer belly and which depicts a pregnant tummy.


Everyone carries their phone with them at all times, making What's in Your Phone a fantastic game. People receive points based on a variety of factors, such as whether they have a photo of the expectant mother on their phone and which apps they use.


This game contains titles of well-known and classic children's books. Guests will guess the title of a children's book described with well-known emojis. The winner is the player with the most correct answers. Ensure that a prize is available for the winner.


As the due date approaches swiftly, it is time to break out the baby tunes. Here you can download game cards including popular baby songs for guests to identify. Give the victor a gift for knowing all of these delicious jams.


Ask your guests to Bob Barker it up (or Drew Carey for Price is Right novices) and determine the values of these traditional baby goods. Alternatively, you might look up the pricing for these products on the date the mother-to-be was born and see if people can estimate what they were.


Guess the baby food is one of the more amusing baby shower games. Baby food is the most important item you'll need for this game. You will also need more unlabeled containers, as well as pens and paper for everyone to use. Here's a link to a printable version if you're feeling fancy!

This game's setup is quite straightforward, but it is unexpectedly entertaining and will produce lasting memories. In addition, the vast majority of mothers present likely to have a head start. Place various baby food flavors in unassuming jars and label them. Have guests guess what baby food is in the jar, with the winner being the guest with the most correct guesses.


You will need clothespins, a lovely jar in which to store them, and a sign at the entrance of your party stating the rules. This Don't Say Baby printout with a floral theme is wonderful, but you can find a Don't Say Baby printout on Pinterest that fits virtually any topic.

This is a classic baby shower game that will last virtually for the duration of the celebration. It is also a terrific way to get people talking, which is ideal if you have a variety of friends and family groups attending. When visitors attend the baby shower, they will take three clothespins and attach them to their clothing. Each time they hear another guest use the word "baby," they are permitted to steal a clothespin from them. This game becomes extremely engaging when players become competitive and attempt to cause others to make mistakes. Whoever has the most at the conclusion of the celebration wins.


What you will require: Blindfolds, Baby Doll/Balloons, Diapers, Baby Wipes, and Baby Powder

How to Play: There is something incredibly humorous about blindfolding games since something will inevitably go wrong. Not to add, when you are changing diapers at 2 a.m. after days without sleep, it feels as if you are blindfolded. Divide your guests into teams and have them appoint one individual as the diaper changer. Blindfold the assigned player and time how quickly they can remove a diaper, wipe, apply powder, and replace it. Their teammates may give them directions to assist, but no physical contact is permitted. You can either change the diaper on a balloon or on a baby doll, whichever is easier to collect. Save for Later.


Bring out your old bean bag toss supplies and give them a facelift for the baby shower. This means that the boards should be painted pink, and the bean bags should be fashioned like sperm. Feel free to get as specific or leave it as general as you would like. If you're not too crafty, you can get bean bags directly from Etsy. Here is a picture of what you will be attempting to do.

How to Play: Play precisely as you would a standard game of cornhole, but with more laughs!


What you require: Baby blindfolds, baby food, spoons, hair nets, and ponchos.

And now, we present you with another amusing blindfold game. This time, pair up your guests; one will be the baby, and the other will be the blindfolded feeding. It will definitely become messy, but that is part of the pleasure. Whichever squad emerges the cleanest triumphs. These beautiful sleep masks are ideal for the expectant mother to take home.


The only requirement for this baby shower game is a printed list of celebrity parents and their children's names. This one (see below) is simple and adorable, in my opinion! Moreover, if your guests will not be sitting at tables, you will require pencils and clipboards.

This is a straightforward matching game! Whoever correctly matches the most celebrities to baby names is the winner. Set a ground rule of no phones during the game to ensure fairness, but be prepared with an answer key.


The expecting mother must provide you with a list of diaper brands she intends to use, and you must purchase these in multiple sizes. You will also need an abundance of colorful markers and stickers. This adorable printout will help explain the game to your visitors and may be framed and displayed on the table where you'll set everything up.

Although this is not really a game, guests will enjoy leaving messages for mom and dad on diapers for many nights to come. Guests can leave words of advice or simple jokes on these diapers because parenthood is difficult and reading comments from loved ones makes it feel more manageable.


What you need: an abundance of childhood photographs of mom (and dad, if you plan to include him)! You should also provide your guests with pens and paper. This Etsy pack is inexpensive and adorable if you need a printout.

How to Play: In this game, you must guess the age of the pregnant woman in several photographs. Have guests put down their guesses for each numbered image. It will spark tales of her youth and offer everyone something to look forward to in anticipation of the next child. Obviously, if you are hosting a coed baby shower, you should also include baby pictures of the father.

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